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Rancho Bonito Alliance

A Super Story


In Rancho Bonito, California, a new group of  heroes battle for the future. Working with former members of the Rancho Bonito Alliance, they hold the key to a future of peace.

The Rancho Bonito Alliance is an email rpg where we enjoy drama and romance with our heroes.



Two teams, One hope. The Rancho Bonito Alliance and the Mighties work together to achieve the impossible.



Rancho Bonito High


Our heroes fight on all sorts of battlefronts. School is just one of many. Explore the world of teenage angst and romance...

Hells Angels


No one is perfect. Sometimes people do bad things for the right reasons. The club is a world of motorcycle gangs, fear, and passion...

Fighter Chicks


Join the Fighter Chicks as they explore romance, jets, and living life in the military.

The Bases


Our Home away from home.

Rancho Bonito City


The world is a big place but the RBA has one city that they cherish above all others...home.

Frank Genus Middle School

Middle school sucks. Sometimes being a super just makes everything suck harder. Explore the world of our younger warriors.




Character Interests

The Pets


Our Heroes love many things...and not all of them are human.

The Playlists


Sometimes the right music makes all the difference.

The Tech (WIP)


Amazing technology helps the RBA and the Mighties survive. Come see the tools and tech that help make them heroes.

The Tour of Homes


Our homes. Our families. Our future.

The Rides


Gasoline and Perfume...our best friends. Come see the rides that get our heroes where they need to be...



When they aren't being heroes, the RBA and the Mighties try to relax.

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