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Principal Cain is new to Frank Genus and we are delighted to have her.

Favorite Activities include Reading, Painting, and spending time with her kids. Stern. Serious. Lost her husband recently.


Margaret Cain

Dr. Branson joins us from Colorado where he earned a degree in Early Childhood Education. Favorite Activities include Hiking, Biking, and Computer Games. Focused. Bitter. Likes Kids

Vice Principal

Maddox Branson

Miss Tatum has recently graduated from Los Positas. Favorite Hobbies include Bottle Rockets, Sewing and watching YouTube Cooking Channels.

Young Enthusiastic. Tries too hard.


Pia Tatum

Mr. Anderson enjoys trying to stimulate young minds. A Masters degree in Psychology lets him keep the students on their toes. Silly, Smiles a lot. Encouraging.

6th Grade/Science

William Anderson

Ms. Linsky is a recent addition to our town. She enjoys ice cream, watching crime drama, and rain.

Her kids were lost in the Invasion. Cries in the bathroom. Isn't very nice.

7th Grade/News

Jayne Linsky

Mrs. Lordes has been at FGMS for five years now. She was let go during the Invasion. Tired. Used to be excited. Favorite activities are Cheerleading and Baking cookies.

8th Grade/Cheer

Jordan Lordes

McClellan is an experienced teacher of Physical Education. He's also kind of an ass. Uncompromising, and harsh, he's very willing to challenge his students. He enjoys poker, barbeque, and race cars.


Roger McClellan

Cheerful, easy-going, and solid, Mr. Olasz is an easy student favorite. Even his accent is kind of neat. While his subject is rarely their favorite, most students respond well.


Andris Olasz

Art is Ms. Morel's passion and she wants to share it. New to the school, Ms. Morel enjoys sewing, painting, and all things artistic. Quiet, good with kids, Single and looking.


Florianna Morel

Mrs. Han kept her job during the invasion. She obeyed when necessary but wasn't as harsh as some. She enjoys horseback riding and gardening. Polite. Well-spoken. A survivor.


Zedong Han

Understanding the people around you is vital. Ms. Dornis comes to us from around the world where she studied ancient cultures and societal norms. She enjoys swimming, bowling and antiques. Not very nice. Has RBF. 

Social Studies

Leilah Dornis

A degree in Education, English, and Psychology have served him well but  Mr. Jernigan is excited about starting a new life. He enjoys fantasy football, crosswood puzzles and basketball. Strict. Formal. Perfectionist.


Aliz Jernigan

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