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8902 Heron Place

Rancho Bonito, CA 94550

Jan 06, 2006

6 p.m.

Huskies Vs. Wildcats

Watch The Huskies take a bite out of the Wildcats this Friday Night!


With the SDS, Jump, and the Mighties!

Colorado Prison Break (Complete)

The RBA managed to rescue the supers they were hoping for. Jump and the SDS rescued theirs. The Question: What will the consequences be as our heroes try to defeat the Ta'anari?

Jan 18, 2006


Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

To Rescue or not to Rescue. That IS the Question.

Three missions are revealed:

Help Katrina and take out the Mason Psyphon Station

Capture the Sub and find the underwater research station

Rescue the kids in the Wal-Mart Prison

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Frank Genus High
Preparing Students for the Future!
Mission Statement

Welcome to Frank Genus Middle School. Our Mission is to provide personal education to ensure success for each student. We believe in the core values of Math, Science, and Language Arts but also know that students need plenty of fresh air and enriching activities. Please join us in creating an environment that prepares your student for the future!

                                                                                          Dr. Cain, Principal

Bell Schedule from 9:20-3:55
Monday thru Friday

STUDENT ACCOUNTS (eCampus, Office365, etc.):
In order to ensure that all  Public School students are able to log on to our devices and network, Information Services has reset ALL student passwords to the original format of each user’s birthday (yyyymmdd) for the start of the 2005-2006 school year.

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