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Lucius Trank aka Thunder

The Leader of Jump, Lucius is incredibly strong and powerful. Jump is a band of mercenaries rather than a superhero group but they are strong allies of the RBA.

Jamal Green aka Brainwave

A Telepath, Brainwave was vital in the Super Max Prison break and during the invasion.

Trey Cowan aka PopMan

A Teleporter with a lust for luxury and beautiful women.

Darrel Dain aka Freeway

Freeway is Super Fast and a strong member of the Mercenary group, Jump.

Shirelle Trank aka BurnUp

Lucius's Sister, Burn Up was rescued by the RBA from the Super Max Prison.

Tonya Cowan aka Acid Bitch

Acid Bitch is Trey's Sister and she was also rescued from the SuperMax Prison.

Georgia Capp aka Sweet Emotion

Able to control emotions, Georgia is thrilled to have her family back together.

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