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RB City Map v01.png


Rancho Bonito has 11 distinct neighborhoods.



  1. Central Business District

  2. Maytown Historical District

  3. Downtown

  4. Royal Heights

  5. Greenville

  6. RVTown

  7. North RB

  8. South RB

  9. East RB

  10. West RB

  11. Trafalgar Lane



The greater divisions include its Central Business District, East Rancho Bonito, Downtown, North Rancho Bonito, West Rancho Bonito, South Bonito, Greenville, and Royal Heights. Royal Heights has become known for being the home of the cities upper class population while West Rancho Bonito has been the traditional home of the cities middle class and many small to medium businesses. North Rancho Bonito is home to a lot of the corporate businesses as well as limited housing in the form of condos and apartment buildings, some small businesses, as well as many food businesses, all to support transient business employees.


South Bonito has been under construction for the last four years as most of it was originally an industrial plan for the processing of chemicals before the Fey war. In the aftermath, it’s been converted into a new multi-million-dollar community with artificial lakes and boat ways connected by concrete water ways. The East Rancho Bonito neighborhoods are known as for containing several parks, middle to upper class housing, as well as being the gate way to the Greenville, home of the counties vineyards, farms, and old estates.

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