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Rancho Bonito Star


Rancho Bonito's Star Theatre is a hit with the teenage crowd  and anyone looking for a star attraction.

The Grotto

Seafood Restaurant


Owned by the Terrance Family, The Grotto is a high class seafood restaurant that is a common haunt of the Upper Class.


Young and Old Alike delight in the sweet and sugar confections that are created here. Favorite Middle School Hangout

Skate O'Rama

Do you need a little exercise with your fun? Come join us for a ROLLicking good time!

Once Upon a


Your Favorite Bookstore for all things Fantasy! Dive into Literature and Soak up the Words in California's oldest and best literary classic.

Pizza Tower

Melted Cheese, Spicy Sausage, and a Crisp Crust  meld into pure bliss....

Favorite Teenage Hang Out.

Supper Heroes

Do you want to meet a Super Hero? Then come on over to Supper Heroes and enjoy a delicious burger or fresh salad. Often frequented by the Heroes of the Rancho Bonito Alliance, you're sure to eventually see BearClaw, Rebound, and Solar Forge!

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