Bikes, Family,
Cooking, Learning, Writing, Drinking
Sex: Female
Race: Werewolf
Occupation: Student/Owner of Legendz/Author
Player:  SUE
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Werewolf: Enhanced Speed, Strength, Healing. Has Crinos Form. Will Shift During the Full Moon. Increased Hunger/Aggression
Animal Empath: Can talk to Mammals and Avian Species and feel/share Emotions
Mental Barrier: Can detect when someone is fooling with her brain even if she can't stop it.
Pain Resistance: Sophia cannot feel pain
Enhanced Senses: 10x the senses of the animals she is so close to.
Eyes: Chocolate/Yellow
Hair: Long and Black
School and Patrol Schedule
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120lbs
Age: 18
ARC, other werewolves, most criminals,
Affiliation: RBA - Second in Command




Color - Green

Food - Mexican Enchiladas/Cherry Pie

Sport - Cheerleading!

Hobby - Writing

School Subject - English/Biology

Music - Any - Eclectic Tastes

Candy - Twizzlers

Flower - Tulips

Sexual Orientation: Straight-mostly

Russel “Stone”

         Husband – Human Telepath –

         VP of the Hells Angels/Repairman at Legendz Bike  Shop

Randy Holland

        Old Man – Human

       Pres of the Hells Angels MC

Emerald “Em”  Jeanine Bicks

        Sister Wife – Human 

        Married to Randy/First Lady of the Club – Pregnant with Stone’s baby

Sophia's Sons - All 14, Werewolves, Students at FGMS

Ian Stone Alpha Werewolf 

James Stone 

Benjamin Stone

Shane - Adopted  - Gwen's Mate - Student in Oakland

Sophia's Daughters - All 14, Werewolves, Student at FGMS

 Moira Stone  Alpha Werewolf  

 Emma Stone 

Gwen Stone 

Hailey Stone 

Mila Henry - Adopted


James Titchener

Father- Werebear – Author

Neal Titchener

Brother – Werebear – Genetic Analyst – Married to Tara

Stone, Randy, and Em are Played by Daniel, James, Neal are played by Sue, and they share the Pups

 Sophia’s Animal Family :

Benny (Skunk)

Skittles (Super Rattle Snake)

Tasha (German Shepherd)

Pixie (Cat), The Kittens (Kittens)

Paws (Racoon)

Blue (Elven Cow)

Fluffybutt (Hamster)….lots more…

Important Dates and Info:

Sophia's Birthday: Sept 30th

Pup's Birthday: April 13th

Em's Birthday: October 9th

Stone's Bday: February 1st

Randy's Bday:  December 10th

Wedding Anniversary: November 14, 2005

Union Anniversary:  June 16th, 2006

Randy and Em's Wedding Anniversary: April 1st, 2006


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