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Double Bluff Beach


Eisenberg Airport

Earth Sanctuary

Fort Casey

Fort Ebey

Joseph Whidbey Park


Ault Field

Deception Pass

Lulu's House

Wynn's House


Mariah and John Maicoh's Home

1064 Oakmont Lane, Oak Harbor

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A large island in the Puget Sound, Whidbey Island is the home of the Wolves of Whidbey. It's history as a naval base, expansive parks, and its rich culture make it an ideal place for tourists who just want to escape from their busy lives. Whidbey is home to almost 70,000 residents so it has pretty much everything you could wish for but less people than in your average town.

The economy is based primarily on tourism, small scale agriculture and the arts. It's considered a haven for artists of all types and has extensive events planned all year. Southern Whidbey has an entire mystery festival every January February where the entire town of Langly becomes a murder mystery.

Our home is Oak Harbor, the largest city on the island at 23,000 people. 


Plays, Festivals, and Murder Mysteries are Prevalent all over the island.


Go down to the beach, explore the island, or paint something with a famous artist. Whidbey has something for everyone.


Swimming, snorkeling, and water sports are just a few of Whidbey's vast array of sports activities. Come and join us!


Whidbey's Naval Base has allowed an island to have vast resources unknown to others. Colleges and extensive resources train Whidbey residents all year long.