Miriam Stonell aka Raptor

The Leader and Mother of the Winged Rapers, Miriam runs a tight ship and does 

not hesitate to make tough calls.

The RBA rescued these super villains because they were family.

The Winged Rapers spent ten years in a Super Max Prison and its only recently that they've been released. Led by Miriam, the Rapers are a group of winged telepaths that helped the humans 

to survive the Invasion. They have worked tirelessly to find lost loved ones and make something better out of this world...with a little chaos thrown in.

Greg Stonell aka Condor

The eldest brother, Greg is cocky and can be an asshole. He's a strong fighter and has

been a huge advantage during the Invasion.

Devon Stonell  aka Harrier

All of the brothers are a little quirky but Devon is the quietest. He's not as crude as Greg but harder than Vince.

Vince Stonell aka Shrike

The youngest brother, besides, Stone, Vince

was hit hard by the long stint in prison. Nevertheless, he's a good person and prone to aerial rescues. Age 21

Helen Stonell aka Accipiter

B.I.T.C.H. and proud of it! Helen is hard but loves her family. She doesn't stand for