Captain Stephanie Workman
Captain Stephanie Workman

The Captain of a Nuclear Submarine, Captain Workman is no stranger to hard work. Her work in the Ta'anari Invasion may lead her to an important role in Rancho Bonito Politics.

Played by Daniel

AJ's Family

Gabriella Montez

The Oldest of AJ's Brazillian Girls, Gabriella is also the most responsible. A few people feel she's a little too attached to our resident ghost whisperer.

Played by Daniel

Julia Santos


Played by Daniel

Anna Cortez

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Played by Daniel

Luanna Cortez

Played by Daniel

Ariel Webster

AJ Webster's sister, Ariel can often be found providing food to charities or relaxing with her girlfriend, Lily. While not a super, Ariel does her best to provide support to her family and friends.

Played by Sue

Marilyn's Family

Jim McCluskey

Marilyn's Father loves his daughter very much and hopes that she will return home soon.

Played by Daniel

Noel McCluskey

Marilyn's Mother. Very Religious, Noel tries to keep her daughter on a path to God. She doesn't like Norman and has previously called the police on him.

Played by Daniel

Betty Sue's Family

Lance Maxell

Betty Sue's Husband


Military Advisor

Was taken over by a Ta'anari during the Invasion. 

Ex-Producer of the Fighter Chicks


The Hero, Vibrum, Kelley had been through a lot in recent times. Her mother and father are dead...her sister Sissy her only link to her old life.


Jill is a cheerleader and she's been through a lot. She has lost her family and now Betty Sue and Lance are it. She is seventeen.


The Mite of Light-ning, Sissy is the youngest Grant sister and misses her mom and dad fiercely.


Allie is a young girl (15) who has lost her entire family. Betty Sue and Lance have taken her in after a vampire targeted her and the other fosters.

Amber Rose

The youngest of the orphans that Lance and Betty Sue have taken in, Amber Rose has had a tough life so far. 


Troy is fifteen. He's only the second male in a house full of women and he's grateful for the new foster, Niko, who might help with the estrogen overload...

Sage Thompson

Betty Sue's Vinyari Mother. Rebecca's Biological mother. A lawyer in the city and a force to be reckoned with.

Jenny Taylor

Betty Sue's Biological Mother is a retired pageant Queen and expected her daughter to be the same. She's very kind but doesn't entirely understand her children.

Bruce Taylor

Betty Sue's Biological Father. He is retired army and built a substantial car Empire before finally retiring altogether. He built Pedal with Betty Sue and she has been very close to him.

Mary Anne North

Betty Sue's Vinyari Mother. Rebecca's Biological mother. A lawyer in the city and a force to be reckoned with.

Bruce Jr

Betty Sue's brother. The biggest pest known to man. He has taken over the family car business and takes it too lightly for their father's comfort.

Quinton NPCs




One of the first Quintons to join the high schoolers, Ayal has been a true boon to the RBA and Earth


Friends with Ayal and another Quinton, Jal briefly toyed with Autumn but the two seem to have spluttered out.

Jerry Rider

The Hero Gravitic, Jerry is trying to be a normal teenager for a while.

Jason Workman

Jason is one of the more elite members of RBH and is currently engaged to Cheryl.

Sophia's Family


Sophia's Husband and Bonded Mate

VP of the HA and Her Old Man in the Club

The father of her children...

Sophia, Stone, Randy, and Em are in a group relationship.


Sophia's Second Mate

President of the HA

Husband of Emerald


One of Sophia's Best Friends and her second wife.

First Lady of the Club. Married to Randy

Pregnant with Stone's baby.

Neal Titchener

Sophia's Brother and Tara's Husband

Neal is a genius and a werebear. he was infected by his father when he was 15. He works in the field of genetics and seeks to find a cure.

Played by Sue

James Titchener
James Titchener

Sophia's Father is a werebear with a temper.

He's well-known for being violent towards his daughter and anyone who intrudes on his territory.

Played by Sue

Sophia and Stone's Pups - All Werewolves like their Mom

Ian - Pack Alpha

Dark Black with thick fur and ebony wings, Ian is one of the more striking of the pups; in both physical might and sheer personality. 

Ian has wings, the family scream, and is a telepath.

Moira - Pack Alpha Female

White wings, Pale Hair, and serious face, Moira takes her responsibilities seriously. She tends to be a leader for the other females and despairs of Emma's flighty ways.

Moira has wings, the family scream, and is a telepath


James has dark fur and no wings but he makes up for that with his speed. He's a very active kid but always up for some video games as well.

James has no wings but he's a strong telepath


Dark Brown and smaller than the others, Benjamin is the only Talker in the group and he's very close to his mother.

Talker and Telepath, Benjamin's might is in his mind.


Golden tipped brown wings and an ethereal beauty, Emma is considered the beauty of the group. She is also the one most concerned with reputation and appearance.

Emma has wings and the family scream


Hailey wants to be club...but not an Old Lady. She wants to be a full-fledged member and she often pushes for it...much to the dismay of her entire family.

Hailey has wings and the family scream


Recently Bitten by Benjamin, Mila doesn't know everyone in her new family...but she WILL.


Gwen doesn't have wings and she's no telepath but she can grow to amazing proportions and is both stronger and tougher than anyone in her family. She's a bookaholic and loves to read and learn new things.


Gwen's Mate...

He's the son of the Oakland Chapter Secretary and his Old Lady (Rick and Star)

Nadia's Family and Friends


Nadia's Daugher. She is almost two and was raised in Ancient Atlantis since birth.


Played by Sue


Nadia's new boyfriend. The two are gradually growing closer. 

Played by Muse


Nadia's Brother (9)

Was traumatized during the Invasion and is very protective of Nadia.

Played by Sue


Nadia's Sister (4)

Has advanced elemental abilities even as a young child.

Played by Daniel

Alexei Stavros

Nadia's Father - Chief Financier of the City

Running for Mayor

Played by Daniel

Helen Stavros

Nadia's Mother. See the Winged Rapers for the rest of this family

Played by Daniel

Devon's Family and Friends

Dominic Andrews

Restaurant Owner


Civil Rights Lawyer


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