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One of the most powerful races in the galaxy, the Psyphons are insatiable monsters constrained to one planet for the safety of everyone.


Beautiful parasites interested in luxury and fame, these creatures also enjoy pain and destroying those around them. Will they take over the Earth in their silent way or follow the path of the Resistance?


Beings of Light and Energy, the Quintons are a leading member of the Compendium and have come to Earth to decide if they are ready to join...


The Fae Wars were three years ago and no one has forgotten the trauma of their emergence. They are back again...but for what purpose?


The Cause of the Invasion, the Ta'anari are everything that is dark and terrible about the Vinyari. They may no longer exist on Earth but they have left a legacy of fear and hate.


One of the most powerful races in the Compendium, the Shiardans want nothing to do with Earth.

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