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Being a Superhero isn't easy. With Falcon as their leader, these teen and adult supers manage to protect the city...most

of the time, at least. The Invasion took a toll on both their membership and their energy and most are barely getting by.

However, they are determined to persevere and make sure Rancho Bonito knows that they are THE heroes for the job!





Patrol Members

New Recruits

Team Angelheart

Typical Patrol Activities

Public Relation Activities

City Patrol

Typical Patrols Take Place every day of the week in the evenings. Patrols are required to have at least two individuals. There will be a Monitor for each patrol at all times


Power Training, Melee/Ranged Fighting, First Aid, Team Tactics, Civilian Protection Procedures

Police Procedure Classes

Every Monday and Wednesday Evening at 6 p.m. Precinct One

Hero Signings

Media Presentations

Charity Events

Typical Patrol Schedule

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